> over borders

Mural painting at the Formation and Research Center of SESC – Social Service of the Commerce, in São Paulo. Acrylic on wall. 2016. — Pintura mural no Centro de Pesquisa e Formação do SESC, em ...


> about invented borders

Drawing-installation. More than 1.300 drawings on floor, black ink on paper, 30 x 30 each. A work that materializes the randomness and arbitrarily construction and representations of borders. Die Färberei, Munich, Germany. 2016. During the PLUSbrasil ...


> thinner than air

Thinner than air is a wall drawing, where a fence is constructed line by line. Without any kind of fixative, the drawing express the fragility of these barriers, specially when it comes about the symbolic ...


> belchior y once robles

Experiência em San Gregorio de Polanco, no Uruguai, onde a vida se faz como um grande encontro, e também a cidade dos murais na América Latina. Durante uma residência “artística-familiar” na chácara Once Robles, com ...


> forms of contention

This series of drawings shows up the idea of barrier in its different kinds of apparition in our everyday life. In the geopolitical context, the border, the fence, the frontier definitions are critically important, as ...


> prince richard lost…

“Prince Richard lost his towels” is a series of transfer works made with group Base-V, for the exhibition Carbon 14, at Gallery Choque Cultural, São Paulo. Acrylic, spray and transfer on canvas. 2013. — “Principe ...


> they forgot the verb

Text wall paintings that are connected to the current political situation in Germany and also its history. “Wir sind das Volk!” (We are the people!) was a famous chant during the demonstration supporting the reunification ...


>> 2016

oil, charcoal, spray and acrylic on canvas and wall. — óleo, carvão, spray e acrílica sobre tela e parede.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.01.31 AM

> Gog & Projetonave

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.11.29 PM

> Nomade Orquestra vj

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.47.53 PM

> Emicida & Projetonave


> Okkupation projeto

Okkupation Projeto (Coordination and Conception: Mario Lopes and Danilo Oliveira) During 2 weeks, 10 artists from different languages, all in residency on Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, DE, will follow one simple rule and expose some processes, works and ...

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.58.25 AM

> Was not there

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.58.42 AM

> Without a place


> Cidade Inquieta

The “Unquiet City” exhibition seeks to activate the look at the urban space through the work of more than 15 artists, acting in multiple languages and departing from different sources, in quite open connections between ...

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.50.58 AM

> Síntese & Projetonave vj

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.49.51 PM

> Socorro Lira & Mia Couto

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.11.37 AM

> Xis & Projetonave vj

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.05.19 AM

> Projetonave mixtape vj

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.48.38 PM

> Sombra & Projetonave

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.51.24 PM

> Dj B8 video


> exposição das tripas

Illustrations for the book “Exposição das Tripas”, by Paulo Sandrini, edited by Kafka Editions. 2014. — Ilustrações para o livro “Exposição das Tripas”, de Paulo Sandrini, editado pela Kafka Edições. 2014.


> C.C. Mata de Ouro

“Mata de Ouro” Cultural Center is a temporary space of artistic, poetic, social and political experimentation. A space for exchanges and free living, self-managed and with the participation of various cultural agents of the city. It ...


> LP cão faminto

LP 12″ Cão Faminto, collection of ABC-SP bands, cover and poster. 2014. — LP 12″ Cão Faminto, coletânea de bandas do ABC paulista. 2014.


> 7″ Projetonave + Sombra

Vinyl 7″ Projetonave & Sombra. 2012. Cover and label photography and design. — Compacto vinil, Projetonave & Sombra. 2012. Fotografia e design.


> Swoon’s Ersilia

Articulation and executive production for american artist Swoon’s work, along with the social activist Paula Segal and several groups of São Paulo. The “Ersilia Camp” was an artistic and social occupation and temporary autonomous zone installed ...


> free impro circuito

Artworks for the Circuit of Free Improvisation of São Paulo, a diverse group of musicians and artists that make presentations around the city. 2011-2014. — Artes para o Circuito de Improvisação Livre de São Paulo, ...


> poster Ayê

Art for a theather group from Porto Alegre, RS. 2013. — Arte para um espetáculo de teatro de Porto Alegre, RS. 2013.


> CITE – Immersive Temporary Collective

Common Mural The collective achievement always moves us from our comfort zone and change meanings to encompass new perspectives of doing something. The collective making is autonomous, first because it arises from the autonomy of ...


> sharks & pigs

An exhibition by four hands. Together with Rafael Coutinho, a graphical exploration of the sharks and pigs absurd interactions and crossovers. Galeria Choque Cultural, São Paulo. 2008. — Uma exposição a quatro mãos. Junto com ...


> Espo’s Volto Já!

Articulator and executive producer of Steve Power’s (aka ESPO) intervention on the “crackland” district, a historical degraded area in São Paulo. The mural is called “Volto Já” (I’ll be back soon), and bring the names ...


> A conquista do espaço

Curatorship of the exhibition “The Conquest of Space: new forms of street art,” which met at SESC Pinheiros and SESC Pompeia, artists from different countries who work the streets as an artistic surface and space. ...


> Florentijn’s Duck

Curatorship and executive production of the “Rubber Duck”, installation by the dutch artist Florentjin Hofman, including photo retrospective, in Sesc Interlagos, São Paulo, SP. 2008.  — Curadoria e produção executiva do “Pato de Borracha”, instalação ...


> celular landscape

Mural painting in the Victor Civita Square, Sao Paulo. Acrylic on wall. 2015. — Pintura mural na Praça Victor Civita, São Paulo. Acrílica sobre parede. 2015.


> the cat that drinks

A huge cat drinks the city water, meanwhile at the other side of the river, a dog watch impassive. Not to much to do for this and the city stay static. Mural paintings realized at ...


> volumes

Mural painting for Sesc Santo Andre Libray area, with Base-V group. Year 2012. — Pintura mural para ambientação da biblioteca do Sesc Santo André, com o grupo Base-V. Ano 2012.


> layers

Mural Painting on the elevator structure wall, on Sesc Sto Amaro, made with group Base-V. Spray on wall. 2012. — Pintura mural no fosso do elevador do Sesc Sto Amaro, feito com o grupo Base-V. ...


> garage stuff

Mural painting made with Base-V. Acrylic and marker on wall. 2010. — Pintura mural com o grupo Base-V. Acrílica e marcador sobre parede. 2010.


> basado en hechos

“Based on True Facts” Individual exhibition with Base-V at Hollywood in Cambodia gallery in Buenos Aires. – Argentina. 2007. — Exposição individual do grupo Base-V, realizada na galeria Hollywood in Cambodia de Buenos Aires – ...


> all but one

A bird with a big beak observes afar. The landscape is formed by the fauna. All birds becomes in one shape, the space amplify and make the horizon. Digital print on adhesive aplied in front ...


> golden brick road

A Estrada dos Tijolos Dourados, means The Golden Brick Road, was based on The Magic of Oz and symbolizes a path to be chosen, a change in the landscape that stimulates the movement of people ...


> pouso – virada cultural

Mural painting realized at Sao Paulo Energy Museum during the event Virada Cultural, with Base-V group. Year 2012. — Mural realizado no Museu de Energia de São Paulo durante a Virada Cultural, com o grupo ...


> wolf in the alley

“Wolf  in sheep’s clothing”, mural painting realized at Beco do Aprendiz in Sao Paulo as part of a project to renew the painting in this space, made with Base-V. Coordination by Pato. Year 2010. — ...


> skin

The skin is the contact organ with the world, is where physically we feel the the pressures of the ambient. It’s interesting to pay attention the skin and his layers in amplified view bring to ...


> big food

Mural painting on the streets of Ipiranga neighborhood, São Paulo. 2009 — Pintura mural realizada no bairro do Ipiranga, São Paulo. 2009.


> rita

Mural painting. 7 x 2m. Downtown, Sao Paulo, with Base-V. Year 2006. — Pintura mural. 7 x 2 m. Centro, São Paulo, com o grupo Base-V. Ano 2006.


> cachalote

Mural painting and collage with Base-V at Sesc Ipiranga, Sao Paulo. 25 x 4 meters. Year 2006. — Pintura e colagem mural do grupo Base-V, Sesc Ipiranga, São Paulo. 25 x 4 m. Ano 2006.


> carbonated people

This book by Danilo Oliveira brings 29 draws of celebrities, globally or locally recognized, who died in aviation disasters. The book contain pages interleaved with sheets of carbon paper to include new “victims”. Size 3,5″ ...


> a day with a dog

Artist book. 32 pages, silkscreen and inkjet, hardcover. 2008. — Livro de artista. 32 páginas, serigrafia e impressão digital, capa-dura. 2008.


> prints 2008-2012


> water

“Water” Graphic installation realized at Sesc Santo Andre – Sao Paulo. Drawing on vinyl canvas. Year 2004. — Instalação gráfica realizada no Sesc Santo André. Desenho sobre lona vinílica. Ano 2004.


>> 2014 – 2015

oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas.  — óleo, acrílica e carvão sobre tela.


>> 2013

oil and charcoal on canvas. photos: Everton Ballardin — óleo e carvão sobre tela. fotos: Everton Ballardin


>> 2010 – 2012

oil and charcoal on canvas. — óleo e carvão sobre tela.


>> with Base-V

oil, acrylic, spray and charcoal on canvas. 2009-2013 — óleo, acrílica, spray e carvão sobre tela. 2009-2013


>> 2004 – 2009

oil, acrylic, charcoal on canvas and cardboard. — óleo, carvão e acrílica sobre tela e cartão.


> 2006-2009

charcoal, black ink and acrylic on card. — carvão, nanquim e acrílica sobre cartão.


> Sao Paulo in 20 artists

Graphic design and curatorship for the book “Sao Paulo in 20 Artists” printed  by Imprensa Oficial do Estado de São Paulo. Made along with group Base-V. 20 artists were invited to do his interpretation about ...


> Base-V Box 3

The third issue of Box was a special edition with artists who lives in Sao Paulo(Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Co-edited with the Argentinean gallery Hollywood in Cambodia and printed by BASE-V, 10 artists form ...


> Base-V Box 2

Box is a wooden box with 25 screen printings, 8,2″ x 8,2″, printed and edited by Base-V. This second issue became a collaborative publication, by submission and invitation more 20 artists from different countries made ...


> Base-V Box 1

Wooden box with 32 screenprintings in the size 8,2″ x 8,2″ and variable printed colors. Te first issue of  Box was made with previous works BASE-V screens printed on randomic mode. The result was 10 ...


> Nononon

NONONON. Artist book by Danilo Oliveira. Completely handmade, the book was produced using various secular techniques of printing: stencil, screenprinting, Van Dyck Brown, Cyanotype, among others. Size 30 x 20 cm, 128 pages, 2 copies. ...


> Base-V em 6x s/ juros

Colective show with the Base-V and friends of the group realized at the UNESP Arts Institute gallery in Sao Paulo. The artists worked individually the poster as a subject. Artists involved: Danilo Oliveira, David Magila, ...


> revista V 2

Second issue of experimental magazine V, special inviteds Omar Khori (Brazil) and Lorenzo Petrantoni(Italy). Size: 7,8″ x 8″, offset 2 colors, edition of 1.000 copies. Works by: Danilo Oliveira, Rafael Coutinho, Giseli Vasconcelos, Ricardo Ruiz, ...


> revista V 1

Independent magazine of graphic experimentation. This publication initiates the group and was distributed free through the streets and stalls of the city of Sao Paulo. Size 11″ x 9″, offset 2 colors, edition of 3.000 ...